Your Retirement Plan

White Oak Financial Management, Inc. brings a unique approach to helping companies’ employees succeed in reaching a financially-sound retirement.  We offer specific guidance on investment choices and percentage allocations to all plan participants.  Our goal is to direct participants toward wealth accumulation when the markets are supporting higher prices, and to wealth preservation when the markets are trending towards lower prices, as opposed to the traditional asset allocation programs with automatic rebalancing on arbitrary dates such as quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Partial list of company retirement plans for which we provide participant guidance:

Partial list of companies we provide guidance to
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To do this, we use a sophisticated technical analysis program that helps us determine the strongest places to be invested in any market.  This technical charting system helps us determine not only what to buy and sell, but when to do so, based on the irrefutable law of supply and demand.

Our retirement success formula has several important aspects, which when taken together could increase both the returns and the risk management of enrolled participants’ retirement plan investments.

  • White Oak Financial Management, Inc. regularly reviews all of the investment choices available for use in a company’s plan.  We post our recommended allocations on our website under the appropriate plan name.  Those employee participants who have elected to use our services are then advised of the posting and that they may go to our website, click on their company retirement plan, and enter their personal user ID and password in order to see our current recommendations.
  • Enrolled participants receive personal emails alerting them to any changes we have made in our investment selections or allocations, and they are directed to our website for the specific information.  By following our recommendations, we believe enrolled participants might have the most exposure to the areas of market strength available in their plan’s investment choices.
  •  As an additional benefit for enrolled participants, we may offer a multi-week financial strategies class to educate participants about investing and financial planning to help them further prepare for a successful retirement.  As part of the class, we offer personal financial strategies to any participants who desire additional guidance.
  •  Employees and enrolled plan participants may contact us at White Oak Financial Management, Inc between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays with any questions they may have.
  •  For this service, White Oak Financial Management, Inc. charges an annual 1% fee which is billed directly to the plan participant each quarter in advance of the coming quarter.

Professional Management of Your Company Retirement Plan

According to a recent Fidelity Investments article, “22% of defined contribution plan assets are currently under the control of an advisor.  And participants receiving professional guidance earned between 186 and 300 basis points more than those who did not.”

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